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Online Training with Tom Hibbert is not your everyday product

This is the single best investment you could make for progress in your training.

The basics don’t change and Tom has mastered these and more advanced concepts. Tom’s track record with his results as well as countless other athletes are second to none. Regardless of your level, he can improve you.

His methodology has taken the best bits of how Charles Poliquin, Louie Simmons and Boris Sheiko have achieved results, and blended it into one system.

Legendary Powerlifter & First Man to Deadlift 1,000lbs


I have worked with Tom recently & one thing I’ve noticed is his attention to detail. When looking for somebody to take you to that next level, I would highly recommend Tom
Britain’s Strongest Man 2019 & WSM Competitor


I approached Tom because I wanted someone to evaluate what I’m missing in my training and to try & help find my weaknesses in my current routine.

Tom’s been extremely helpful & hands on which is much than what I’m used to. As a successful athlete & coach myself I know no one person knows everything so I’m enjoying learning new things from Tom & his approach to training & programming.

It’s been a nice change & I hope we continue to work together for a long time”
PICP 5 & Champion Powerlifter


“Follow Tom as he is one of the smartest & strongest coaches ever. I’d also call him a true successor of the legendary Charles Poliquin”
UK’s Strongest Man Finalist 2019


“Tom has helped me in training and in life. I believe he is the best strength coach in the UK. Tom has forgot more about training than most of us know”ž.png?fit=4230%2C4042&ssl=1
World’s Strongest Man Finalist 2016 & 2018


“I have consulted with Tom in the past, he has an incredible wide and deep breadth of knowledge when it comes to training and competing for strongman. You will not regret the opportunity to learn from him”
World’s Strongest Man u90kg 2017, 166KG Log PB as an u90kg Competitor


“Tom is technically amazing, and no stone goes unturned in training. Competing-wise, I love it when he’s not in one of my competitions! I wouldn’t have achieved my main goals if he wasn’t my main competition. I have to be at my very best to beat him and sometimes even that wasn’t enough. He’s the best competitor I’ve ever faced!”
World Record Strongman Deadlift: 350kg at u90kg


“I have worked with Tom over many years. His guidance and coaching was key to my achieving the World Record 350kg Deadlift at u90kg. British Log Record at u80kg & Junior Powerlifting British Records. The more people in strongman who can learn from Tom, the higher the bar will be in the sport for elite performance.”
Pound for pound one of the strongest athlete’s ever


“Tom is one of the only people whom if he says jump, I’d say how high. He’s a genius at what he does and has worked with the best of the best. He has logged 166kg in training as an u90kg competitor so has proven his method on himself. I also used methods I learnt from Tom when I hit my best log which was 170kg as an u90kg competitor”
World Record Log Holder at u90kg with 165kg & Undefeated u90kg Strongman


“I worked with Tom after an injury both remotely and travelling down once a week to his world class facility, Winning Health Solutions. If you want consistent results over both the short and long term, he is your go to man.”
Former British Log Record Holder at 185kg


“Tom’s success in strength athletics isn’t just the result of hard work and natural ability but is a combination of the two with years of knowledge and attention to detail that have enabled him to focus his drive into success”
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  • 6 Month Term Minimum

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Online Training

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Vertical Jump
Change of Direction
Winning Strength | 3 Days
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Calisthenics | Coming Soon!
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Winning Strength Online TrainingFAQ's

Are alternative exercises offered if specified equipment is not available?

Yes, Tom will make recommendations based on your facility and your weaknesses as an individual.

Are exercise technique videos included?

Yes, there is an extensive and ever growing list in the Winning Performance YouTube channel. Should your answer not be there Tom will update and upload a new one.

There aren't any percentages on the program, how do I select a weight?

Tom doesn’t do things based on percentages as it’s inaccurate. He uses Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) + Technique + Speed of the Bar. Uploading videos in the forum will ensure you’re selecting the correct weights as Tom will feedback directly to you.

How do I read the program?

Tom has made a video that can be found here to explain how to read and fill in the program

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