A fantastic investment you should make to further your education as a Fitpro.

At a Private Internship such as this you will get to watch Tom & his team at work with the clientele, be trained by Tom himself and have unlimited access to picking his brain throughout the internship.

Presentations are one thing but being able to watch, make notes and be trained is the ultimate learning experience.

Lastly you will get to take advantage of the biohacking options available (Infrared Sauna, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Red Light/Photobiomodulation, Frequency Specific Microcurrent) and learn what it’s like to live like a high level athlete.


Internship Schedule

  • 7.30-9.30am | Shadow Tom & Team
  • 10-11.30am | Training
  • 12-2pm | Group Lunch
  • 2-4pm | Theory &/or Practical
  • 4-6pm | BioHacking Options
2020 Dates
Dates & Investment
  • April 20th-24th, 2020
  • July 13-17th, 2020
  • T.B.C.
  • Spaces are limited to 5 persons only
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