I have had an indoor Astro-Turf track at my Gym in Southampton since 2009 so I have been able to take advantage of Sled Drags for quite some time now.

They have a huge application which I cover in my seminars and give to my clients. From Rehabilitation to improving Work Capacity to Sports Performance Transfer, the list is endless.

Here are just a few variations:

Sled Drag (Harness, Power Walk)

Great for hamstrings & glutes. Ensure you land with your heel and really pull it into the ground to propel yourself forward.

Sled Drag (Harness, Bent Over)

Also great for hamstrings. Ensure you maintain an arched back and minimise knee bend by dragging your heel as you take pigeon steps forward.

Sled Drag (Straps, Lateral, Upright)

This one is great for the adductors & sports where a change of direction is needed.

Sled Drag (Straps, Petersen)

As the name suggests this move is an adaptation on the Petersen Step Up which is great for developing the Vastus Medialis. Use for knee stability & ensure push comes through the ball of the foot.

Sled Drag (Straps on Feet, Backward)

Another option for hamstrings. Great once you get into a rhythm with it!

Sled Drag (Straps on Feet, Forward)

Ideal to hit the hip flexors & abdominals.

Sled Drag (Straps, Lateral, Bent Over)

Also great for change of direction with more of the tension going to the posterior fibres of the adductors.

Sled Pull Through (Arched)

Posterior chain development

Sled Pull Through (Harness, Bent Over)

Also a posterior chain exercise which will fire up all of your erector spinae. A great introduction to Rounded Back work due to the concentric only nature of the movement.

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